Profile export

You can export the allelic profiles for any indexed scheme (those containing a primary key field) defined in the sequence definition database.

The profile export function can be accessed by expanding the ‘Export’ section and clicking the ‘Profiles’ link on the contents page.


Alternatively, you can access this function by clicking the ‘Profiles’ button in the Export list at the bottom of a results table. Please note that the list of functions here may vary depending on the setup of the database.


This will take you to a form with a list box in which the identifiers of the profile definitions you wish to include can be entered. Following a query, these values will be pre-entered. If the box is left empty then all profiles will be included. You can optionally include provenance information (sender, curator and datestamps) by selecting the appropriate checkboxes.


Click submit.

The export job will be submitted to the job queue.


The profiles will be exported in tab-delimited text and Excel formats.