Bookmarking an isolate query

Once you have made an isolate database query, you can bookmark it so that it can be repeated in the future. You need to have an account and be logged in to the database to be able to bookmark.

Following a query, there will be a ‘Bookmark query’ section in the results header section. Enter a name for the bookmark (a default name based on the date will be shown) and click ‘Add bookmark’.


A new top-right tab will appear when you have saved bookmarks. You can click on this to easily access all saved bookmarks.


You can also access your bookmarks from the main contents page. A link will appear in the query section once you have saved a bookmark.


This will take you to a page where you can manage your bookmarks.


You can go to a bookmarked search by clicking on the ‘Run query’ icon. By default, a bookmark can only be used by the logged-in user who created it. This is for privacy reasons to prevent other users from finding out what terms are being used for a search. If, however, you wish to share the URL to the query, you can make it shareable by clicking the padlock icon.


The icon will change to a green open padlock. You can right-click on the ‘Run query’ link to copy the URL if you wish to share it with others.


Bookmarks can be deleted by clicking on the delete icon.