Unique combinations

The Unique Combinations plugin calculates the frequencies of unique field combinations within an isolate dataset. Provenance fields, composite fields, allele designations and scheme fields can be combined.

The function can be accessed by selecting the ‘Analysis’ section on the main contents page.


Jump to the ‘Breakdown’ category, follow the link to Unique Combinations, then click ‘Launch Unique Combinations’.

The function can be selected by clicking the ‘Unique combinations’ link in the Breakdown section of the main contents page. This will run the analysis on the entire database.


Alternatively, it can be accessed following a query by clicking the ‘Combinations’ button in the Breakdown list at the bottom of the results table. This will run the analysis on the dataset returned from the query. Please note that the list of functions here may vary depending on the setup of the database.


Select the combination of fields to analyse, e.g. serogroup and finetyping antigens.


Click submit. The job will be submitted to the job queue. Once analysis has completed, you will be able to download the results in tab-delimited text or Excel formats.