Setting alternative names for isolates (aliases)

Isolates can have any number of alternative names that they are known by. These isolate aliases can be set when isolates are first added to the database or batch uploaded later. When querying by isolate names, the aliases are also searched automatically.

If adding isolates singly, add the aliases in to the aliases box (one alias per line):

If batch adding isolates, they can be entered as a semi-colon (;) separated list in the aliases column.

As stated above, aliases can also be batch added. To do this, click the batch add (++) isolate aliases link on the curator’s index page. This function is normally hidden, so you may need to click the ‘Show all’ toggle to display it.


Prepare a list in a spreadsheet using the provided template. This consists of two columns: isolate_id and alias. For example, to add the aliases ‘JHS212’ and ‘NM11’ to isolate id 5473, the values to paste in look like:


A confirmation page will be displayed.


Click ‘Import data’.